Step by Step Weight Loss Guide

Lose weight-Be healthy

This plan has worked over and over again for many people. If you follow these steps I promise this will be the quickest and easiest way to lose the stubborn belly and body fat you have always wanted to lose. The secret to losing weight quickly and permanently  is increasing your metabolism and consuming fewer and higher quality calories while maintaining any muscle you have.  Muscles burn through calories even when you are sleeping and keeping this muscle is a key factor in losing weight. Often when dieting you lose muscle and fat because lack of calories and protein. In short, keep the muscle, lose the fat. Why you need to increase your metabolism: same reason for keeping muscle, the higher your metabolism the more calories you will burn while being stationary. Wouldn’t be nice to always be losing weight while not doing any physical activity?

Get Motivated

This is step one. You have to be committed and want to lose weight. This program is not difficult or strenuous but stick with it and I promise you will see results. This program is intended to be followed for one month.


Yes, you need exercise and you need it twice per day. Stick with me here. 20 minutes of moderate to low intensity cardio in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening. You should be able to have a conversion with a person without heavy breathing. Aim for this level of intensity during the workout. This can walking, bike riding, stationary bike, stair climbing, elliptical machine, treadmill even power rack exercises (why dont try) it doesn’t matter. Just get 20 minutes of moderate cardio twice per day. Is it really that hard? This will ignite your metabolism and remember what I said before about metabolism.


Guess what, you will not be hungry following this program and you will not lose(much) energy. You will be taking in far fewer calories than you are used to but you get to feed yourself every two or three hours!  You only need two items. The first is a multivitamin type supplement to make sure you are getting your proper nutrition during this program.  And the other is protein powder. Sounds crazy right? You will be mixing these two items together to make tasty nutritious shakes.  Yes this is a liquid diet and you will be drinking these exclusively 6 times per day.  The first ingredient is GNC Mega Nutrition Powder. This includes most of your daily nutritional needs and has excellent fat burning ingredients proven to speed up metabolism. Second is protein powder. Why Protein? Protein takes much more work to digest and burns more calories during this process. Protein also keeps you fuller longer reducing cravings and hunger. More importantly this is going to help preserve the muscle you have while shredding the fat from the decreased calorie intake and exercise.

Most liquid diets suggest drinking a shake twice per day. This is just wrong. The more frequently you eat the higher your metabolism is going to be. Feeding your body 6 times per day will explode your metabolism for many reasons. Digesting food alone burns calories and eating more frequently raises your core body temperature further burning calories.  Also you will be starving with such a low calorie intake on two shakes a day and may likely give in to temptations. You can use any protein powder you would like but I highly recommend Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard for the taste and mixibilty. Just make sure you get the same flavors in the GNC Nutrition Powder and the Protein powder. My favorite is Vanilla.

Mix in one scope of the nutrition powder with the protein powder for the first, third, and 5th meal. You do not want to overdo the vitamins. For the second, fourth, and sixth meal just drink one scoop of protein powder. The timing should be almost perfect with this plan as you should be getting hungry about every three hours. We are cutting out most fats and carbs in this program and feeding your muscles with protein so your body will have nowhere else to get energy from than from burning fat. Makes sense right?

The best part? You get a cheat day. One day per weak eat regular meals and skip the shakes all together. We do this for several reasons. The first is we do not want you to get burnt out. Enjoy regular food but do not overdo it and eat like a pig all day. The second reason for the cheat day is it will shock your body and confuse your metabolism. Keeping your metabolism guessing is going to keep it more active and increase your calorie burning rate.

That is all you need. Say goodbye to your fat for good. Welcome to a new healthier you.